PS Communication Gothenburg
Creative Director

From event to innovation

The brief was to create an event and some external activities to promote the media company Wallstreet - presenting the company as an innovator of their field.

However, we quickly realised that there was an even bigger opportunity waiting for Wallstreet. There was the possibility not just for an event but a route that would take their company forward and develop a whole new way of working for all media companies We would create new spaces in their already existing product enviroments. And communicate these in a way that would show Wallstreet as forward thinkers and innovative players in their field. 

One of wallstreets biggest areas is traffic advertising i.e. buses and trams. Here they were very traditional and we had a chance to do a lot. We would bring Wallstreet into the digital age.

Wallstree traffic poster sm

By replacing posters in key positions with multi-functional digital devices Wallstreet could offer a whole new range of services not just to their media buyers but also to the transport companies.


wallsteet Traffic in motion Light ipad

Some of the key features:

  • Time based advertising: targeting the right audiance at the right time.
  • Location based advertising: Using GPS technology we can deliver relevant media for the actual location.
  • Using Wifi internet access with banners brings the media space off the walls and onto the travellers devices.
  • Bluetooth would also be used to reach the mobile audience.
  • Traffic information, travel times, connections showed before and at stops.
  • Information for SMS ticket and zones showed to simplify usage.
  • Centralised media managment.


Another of Wallstreet's ventures are parking garages. Here we wanted to continue the digital onslaught. So in the garages where you pay for your parking we would install multi-touch screens that would act as route planners and show TMC for the area while also showing advertising for business along their route to and arond the destination area. Incorporating an app to pay for parking we gain access to ther entire stay and can communicate targeted data as long as thaey ar logged in for parking.

At the garage exits, sound modules would be installed and when you present you ticket sound bites would play. by using OCR on the number plates we can get a general idea about the owner and tailor the exit journey loading content based on their profile.

Their third area is newspaper stands at airports. By expanding it with DVD racks with a free in flight DVD containing movie trailers, game and application demos, TV Network advertising like free show of the month.

To communicate these new ventures we were constricted by using Wallstreets own media and a relatively small budget.

We decide to concentrate on the biggest users of their media; top ad agencies, media agencies and a number of large corporations that use traffic media on a regular basis.

To launch the digital "screens" digital photoframes would be sent out playing a spoof of the trailer for the movie "Traffic" followed by the announcment that something extraordinary would be happening. An invitation for a launch event was included.

Moving on to the day of the event, a bus would pick up the participants and take them to one of "Wallstreets" parking garages to show that garages can be used in more ways than placing posters. Here the new ventures would be presented. At the same time the in flight DVDs would appear at airports and contain a presentation about the news.